Sometimes a movie can change your life.

As I look back there were many movies that influenced me but this one movie changed my life.  From the title and what the movie was about you wouldn’t think it could possibly do that.  It was “Julie and Julia” written and directed by Nora Ephron.  I always loved her movies, my favorite up to that point was “When Harry Met Sally”. The reason why you wouldn’t think Julie and Julia would change my life was I don’t cook.  I love to eat andI was brought up with great food both from my Mom and Grandma, I also went out to eat a lot. Our parents took us out to the best restaurants in the world so we were spoiled. Even so I would not call myself a foodie.  But I love good stories, I loved the all the actors in it and I love Nora’s sense of humor.  So I was flipping through cable and decided to watch, I was home sick from work and I wanted something that would take my mind off my stuffed head and fever.

When I was a little girl in the sixties maybe 5 or 6 an early memory was watching Julia Child on PBS with my family,  I didn’t really understand much about it except I thought she talked funny, and that she acted funny too, so I laughed. She made me smile.  (I was a child, so I was allowed to think that way, besides other than smiling and giggling, I don’t think anyone knew what was going through my little 5-year-old mind.) And though I found that part of the story fun and fascinating and even romantic, it was not the part that changed my life. No, the part that changed everything for me, what made a light bulb go on in my head was when Julie Powell’s husband Eric helped her to start her blog.  How easy it was.  Julie was a writer who had not been published.  Even if she was published she had no platform or followers, just like me.  Other than an occasional short story in an anthology, and an article in newsletters no one knew me at all.  I had written a poem that was published in a book of poems and I published my novel but after the initial flurry, mostly from my readers in fan fiction, my sales stopped dead in their tracks. And here in a movie was a women who had not even been published, who created a blog and became famous.  Wow!

Now, I didn’t become famous, not even a little bit, but it gave me a platform that changed my life.  My first blogs were about trying to get over the writer’s block from the loss of my beloved father. I wrote about movies and TV shows.  I wrote about fan fiction.  Pretty much what ever was happening to me and slowly, people started to respond.  But what I didn’t expect was that I would develop a platform that would let me explore things that I thought was dormant inside me. (Actually not dormant, dead really.)

I wrote a second book (finally, after my Mom and brother said my Dad would be pissed that I would stop just because he passed away,) and I did things I never even tried before.  I went after signings and panels and speaking engagements.  I mean, I am actually shy, but I did it.  It was from a spurt of confidence from my slowly building group of followers.  And that added more followers and more.  Then I tried to go on some radio shows to promote my second book, block, I tried to get on Blogtalk shows, no answers.  I sat there and thought why is this such a brick wall?  I kept doing it and I finally got an interview. The girl I was interviewed by, was actually not a great interviewer.  Then I was supposed to go on a web-interview, and she flaked.  And I thought, well this sucks I could do better than they do and at least I have a background from my days as an actress.

So I went to Blogtalk and started to interview people I knew from book groups and fandom.  And boom, I had an even bigger following.  Not just for my shows but for my writing and blogs and books…Wow!  Then I had entered a contest for a play I had written a long time ago and won, the prize was a bit of money (needed of course,) and professional actors reading my play in library. And I said to myself, “Self, I can do this for other people as well as my own work and I already have a platform, Blogtalk.”  And Sherri’s Playhouse was born. And from that, I have had opportunities to write plays and see them produced, Wow!

Why am I telling you all this now?  Well I guess because I was watching a documentary by Jacob Bernstein about his mom, Nora Ephron called;”Everything Is Copy” .  And as I watched it I realized that she was such an influence though I have never met her or was able to talk to her.  She inspired me to do what I am now doing.  I am so grateful.  Thank you Nora, and thank you Jacob for reminding me.


The Casting Couch is nothing new.

Sadly, the casting the couch has been around for years but I am very gratified that women (including myself) and some men, are finally standing up and saying, “No More!” Fear is a great weapon and powerful people have used it for years to abuse and use women. (And men too, there are a lot of men coming forward to give their own horror stories.  I think that is very powerful too because it is less known.)

I have heard that it has been around for years, going back to the Actor/Mangers in the 19th Century but there is no written accounts of that I could find. The earliest I could find was from; The Boys From Syracuse: The Shuberts’ Theatrical Empire by Foster Hirsch. In the 1900’s Lee Shubert kept “an elegantly furnished boudoir, reserved for leading ladies and promising ingénues, and a shabby, spartanly furnished room with a single couch where he met chorus girls and soubrettes.” “If you didn’t sleep with them you didn’t get the part,” dancer Agnes de Mille later recalled about the Shubert brothers. “The Shuberts ran a brothel: Let them sue me.”

In the 1910’s the Studio Bosses made it into an art form.  They had secret rooms just for liaisons with their actress. Tales told about women of the old Hollywood System and how they were used and abused are legendary. Some of the stars that were abused are, Marilyn Monroe, Shelly Winters, Evelyn Keyes, a very young Joan Collins, Even Shirley Temple was a victim!  And the powerful men were; Harry Cohn, Darryl F. Zanuck, Jack L. Warner, Buddy Adler, Spyros Skouras,Arthur Freed and Howard Hughes!

And a line that is sometimes used as a punchline today, but was and is a real threat, “You’ll never work in this town again.”  Harvey Weinstein was even said to use it a few times in the horror stories recently told about his abuses of young women.

It happened to me when I was young but I was lucky, my Dad was right on the other side of the door and I told the casting director that I would scream and my Dad would come in to rescue me. The reason my Dad would never allow me to go to any audition alone was because he knew of the casting couch and was always worried for me, even when I had an appointment with a woman, he said, “You never know.” Later, I found out that he was right. Abuse can come from anyone in power. It’s been years and I blanked out the casting director’s name, I don’t even remember the name of the horror movie I was trying for, I just remember leaving the room crying with verbal abuse ringing in my ears and pulling Dad out of the office.  I didn’t tell him till we were in the car and then I begged him not to go back, I was afraid of what my Dad would do to the man, not for my career. Dad was fiercely protective, he was a pacifist, but he when we were threatened,all his Brooklyn came out.

As any women can tell you I have had sexual harassment and attempted abuse all my life, that I never actually was assaulted was pure luck, I think.  I have had men touch me inappropriately at work that were old enough to be my Grandfather.  I have had several really, really close calls that I either, talked my way out of, cried my way out of, screamed or ran.  I am sorry to say, I have never been elegant and regal when faced with an attempted assault against me, all I wanted to do was get away.  Lucky for me I did.  Not everyone is lucky.  That is why this “Me Too” movement is so very important.  Whether you have been abused or you love someone who has.  Speak up.


Fans get to help Miss Fisher movie get launched!

This is not the first Kickstarter Program for a movie, and it is not the first time fans helped with a launch in this way.  There are many instances of such group efforts even before mass media came around.

But this is an example of how a group of really enthusiastic fans got to bring about their dream.  It is not a secret that I am a fan of Miss Fisher and the stars of the show.  I have had the privilege of interviewing three members of the cast; Nathan Page, Anthony Sharpe and Travis McMahon!  Nathan has been on my show twice and his second show was the first one of all my shows after 5 years to reach over a million downloads so quickly, so no one has to tell me that he is a popular fellow.

So those very clever people at Every Cloud Productions, (the producers; Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger) asked Mr. Page to put out a video appeal to the fans to help with the Kickstarter Campaign;  It’s rather adorable isn’t it? It’s special guest star (the star of the show) Essie Davis helps out with a special appearance and of course that part is just what we fans want too.  We want Jack and Phryne to finally come together.  Not just a kiss but maybe a chat about it? We also love the whole family so the more that we get this around to everyone and help out, the better the chances that the whole cast will be able to be a part of it.

Anyway this my pitch to help out, as you can see by the counter the campaign is doing very well but some fans that are not on Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram and might not have seen it.  Also some fans may not be following groups, Phryne is an individualist and so are many of her fans.  So if you have not heard about it and can afford to, please help out.

Talented actor Nathan Page answered our fan questions!


0 beautiful nathan


This amazingly gorgeous photo of Nathan Page is by the talented  © Sam McAdam-Cooper.

I am so proud to have taken part in this interview with the talented and diverse Nathan Page. I am so excited to finally get to see his answers to my questions and now I finally get to read everyone else’s questions as well as his answers to those great questions too. I am so excited!!!!

Here is a sneak peak, below is just my questions and answers you can read the rest here at his fantastic site;

From @Rithebard:

From your posts on Instagram, you love to read. What literary character would you like to bring to life from any time or genres?
There are so many wonderful novels being written that it’s hard to choose. In that sense I don’t feel obliged to classics or the past. I do love a thriller though and the Bourne series would’ve been my recent choice (Damon does it brilliantly).

If you could have any job in the world what would you like to do, and what job would you hate to do?
I’ve always had a quiet place in my heart for understanding and observing nature. And I love the remoteness so in that sense gardening on some level works for me. Form has always sparked my interest and I love looking at buildings of all sorts including interiors so there’s that architectural element. I always, since a young boy, wanted to be a sniper but Bradley Cooper nailed that character so perfectly. Worst job….Definitely ambulance. There’s a reason the suicide rate in ambo’s is 4x higher than any other profession. They see what you shouldn’t see and there’s no coming back from that.



Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries vs Partners In Crime

Nice and tidy.

Is Bethenny Frankel the Reincarnation of Xena, Warrior Princess?

bethenny-frankel-682x1024 xena in battle gear

Ok, I know this is far-fetched (and it is just for fun so please don’t take it too seriously) but I have a rather wild imagination, and you have to admit that like Xena, Bethenny takes no prisoners.  The idea hatched the other night while I was watching Real Housewives of New York City.

They have many things in common, I will list them so you will see my reasoning;

  1. Xena uses brains more than weapons, in fact it is an early lesson for Gabrielle at the beginning of the series.  Bethenny is all about brains, she uses her brains to fight every battle and she usually wins, just like Xena.
  2. Xena’s preferred weapon is her Chakram, Bethenny is her mouth (not in a bad way. Really, I love to listen to her talk her opponents down, it is one of the intriguing traits of Bethenny.)  How can those weapons have anything in common? Well they both can be set to either hurt or kill, they are both a great warning to all enemies (people fear both and try to stay away from them, unless they are a foolish Warlords or Warlord types.)
  3. They are both all about empowerment of women.  They both believe that women can do anything and should help each other, not tear each other apart.
  4. They both work toward the greater good, though in different worlds and styles, they both have helped in their own ways.
  5. They have become very successful in their goals, through hard work and brain power.  They are both great a strategy and they really look at things analytically so that they can help and advise others.
  6. Finally, they are both striking to look at, they both have their own style and they use it to reach the goals, as an entry point to get in, then overpower the enemy with their brains.

So you see it was not that far-fetched, you just have to look at it from the right angle.

The loss of Magic; The MGM Backlot



As anyone who has read my blogs know, I am a classic movie lover.  And there is nothing more classic then the great MGM Studios and its wondrous movies.  Some are timeless, some are of its time, but they are all important to movie lovers like me.  They are a part of a film legend.

I watched a movie on TCM about the fall of MGM, it has been shown a three times but for some reason it really hit me today, Hollywood, The Dream Factory was about the end of an era and what really hit me is how the back lot fell apart.  I mean, I have been to back lots at Universal and Warner Brothers (I worked there.)  They are still maintained and look wonderful, why did it just crumble?  I guess they knew they were going to sell it and they just didn’t have the funds to pay for the maintenance.  But it is like looking at someone who was very beautiful that has become a derelict.  Just so very tragic and sad.

The other thing that struck me is how the props and sets went for such low prices.  Even considering the change in the economy, it is striking that something that sold for thousands dollars, now sells for millions of dollars.  Shocking really.

Its like watching all the classic homes in Beverly Hills disappearing for the monstrosities they are building, so heartbreaking.