We Bought a Zoo, a great family film

Last night I watched a true family movie, it has been such a long time since that happened I am in a bit of disbelief. No sex, no violence but a lot of family drama and comedy. It was the kind of film I used to watch when I was young.

The movie was sweet, fun and touching. I really felt for the Dad, Benjamin Mee played by Matt Damon,  who had lost his wife and job. He was at his wit’s end what to do for his family and with his life. He had been an adrenaline junkie all his life and now he had to focus on family and had to work to make it work out with out his late wife.

He has two beautiful children who are trying to survive the biggest tragedy of their lives. His daughter, Rosie is a cute sweet child who thankfully is still living in her imagination. She loves stories, stuffed animals as well as animals and her family.  She is trying to help her Dad and big brother in her own sweet way.

Dylan is older and feels the death of his mother very deeply. He has poured his anger into his art. He seems to feel that her death is the end of the world and that is what his very good but scary art shows. He and his Dad are at odds because his mourning is coming out in irresponsibility and petty theft.  His Dad is at his wit’s end when these land his son in the principles office and in the end expelled from school.

So the Dad who can’t walk into any part of their town the evokes a memories of his late wife decides to move out-of-town to the suburbs. The scene with the real estate agent is hilarious and he ends up buying a zoo. Mostly, because he fell in love with the house and his daughter fell in love with all the animals. He also felt it is the best solution for his son.

So they move into an old dilapidated house with a lot of potential to become beautiful if they know what they are doing. The person who is in charge of his new zoo is the young, down to earth, Kelly Foster. She played beautifully by Scarlett Johansson,  I really enjoyed seeing this version of Scarlett, down to earth, sweet, smart and sassy. No Glamor or Glitz (she doesn’t need it,she is a natural beauty.) She and an odd ball bunch of interesting and funny characters makes up the tiny staff.

They have to get the place ready for a big inspection with a jerk of an inspector played wonderfully by, John Michael Higgins. I always enjoy him he is usually a good guy so it was kind of fun to see him as a bad guy. Benjamin also has to get his house in order and help himself and his children through the deep grief they are all still under the burden of, he takes it full on as any good adrenaline junkie would.

I watched the movie quite honestly because there was not a thing on that night and ended up really loving it! I love all kinds of movies and it his been a long time since I have seen such a sweet, loving family movie. Well Done.


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