You don’t have to own Chanel to be a lady!


I don’t usually comment on TV shows, particularly reality TV shows, but I have to say something this week about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which is one of my guilty pleasures. I started to watch it because I was curious see how Kim Richards was, I adored her as the smart, cute little girl in Nanny and The Professor. I was really sad with the reality when I saw what she has become. I am glad she is on the road to recovery but what a sad disappointment.

But what I am really writing about is Faye Resnick, a friend of the Richards sisters that have been an annoying source since the first season. I always liked Kyle but her lack of back bone and choice of best friends has eroded that like, quite a bit. The way she treated Lisa,   first with Taylor and then with Adrienne made me think about my own friendships. You see I have been in Lisa’s shoes, I always lead with my heart in my friendships.  And I have been hurt by them in the same way as Lisa was hurt by Kyle. I understand Lisa’s stand completely with her, I have had to do that myself. And the friends that I have had to  push back from reacted the same way as Kyle has done on the show. They turned it around and blamed me for pushing back instead of really looking at themselves. I am not saying I am faultless but I admit it up front, I don’t push the blame on other people.

Kyle crying and saying she wants the friendship to go back to what it was confuses me almost as much as her friendship with Faye Resnick. Here is a woman who is so sensitive she cries at anything and yet she is friends with one of the harshest and rudest woman I have ever seen. It is very confusing.

The way Faye acted at Lisa’s anniversary party was so horrid that I had to share with my family who do not watch the show to see if I was over-reacting. They know nothing of the people but I explained the circumstance on the patio as an aggressive Faye pushed her way into a conversation she had no part in and was not invited to. The person she said she was protecting did not need any help and looked as shocked and resentful as the two woman who Faye was attacking. To say that everything was her business is so presumptuous that I could hardly believe I heard it correctly. Then to say that to be a lady is to own your own designer handbag (God Forbid, you borrow one or rent one) just infuriated me.

I have to say this very clearly I do not own a designer bag and I am very much a lady thank you very much. I don’t know who raised Faye Resnick but my mother taught me to be a lady is to be kind, understanding, charitable and most importantly polite. I have to say that for someone who is attacking someone else for not being a lady, she really seems not to be aware of basic politeness.  I have seen her attack her hostess twice on the show, first with Camille and then on the previews for next weeks show with Lisa. That is not a lady, if you have an issue with someone talk to them in private. The cameras follow you everywhere, they will still capture Faye being mean to Lisa but not ruin Lisa’s beautiful and romantic party. Who does that!?!

Till next time when I go to back to my fave classic films 🙂


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