No One Else Can Do Justice To The Thin Man Series

thin man

I am just wondering if people today really understand how loved a classic movie is. There have always been remakes but of late it seems there are more remakes then original movies. If you have ever had the pure fun and joy of watching the original Thin Man series you would understand what I am talking about. I have a great deal of respect for Johnny Depp, he is a fine actor with a healthy love movie history but I just can’t see him as Nick Charles. I have enjoyed so few remakes and I now feel such a resistance I wait until they come on TV rather then spend my money ( a lot of money) at the theater for yet another remake.

I know that the series was done in black and white but that does not take away from the magic. There is something electric in the chemistry between William Powell and Myrna Loy. Though the films are dated in some ways to me that is part of the fun. You could not get away with it in a modern movie, there is a lot love and affection but no outward sex. Though there is a lot of referral to both sex and violence but  they are rather bloodless and like any good murder mystery from the thirties and forties that is not point of the movie. They were called whodunits for a reason.

The fun is the chemistry between Nick and Nora. The quick one liners and watching Nick systematically solve the crimes. All the while Nora tags along finding her own clues. She bravely goes where no wife has gone before(in the movies at that time). You find out how much they love each other by actions not by words. And though they are a product of the times, Nora is obviously a very smart women. One of the many reasons Nick Loves her.

It is hard to catch lightning in a bottle. Though these movies had some of the biggest stars before they were famous including Jimmy Stewart, you don’t watch these movies for the other stars. You watch it to see Nick and Nora, their son Nicky and their dog Asta. All of them take part in the mysteries. Watch the original and let me know what you think. I think you will be surprised and pleased.


5 thoughts on “No One Else Can Do Justice To The Thin Man Series

  1. Well the good news is that the remake is currently postponed indefinitely. Remakes are really dicey. Some are really decent and others are simply awful. (Think of ‘Love Affair’ to ‘An Affair to Remember’ to ‘Love Affair’ ) A lot depends on the cast, the director and the script. The thing is that ‘The Thin Man’ requires a deft, comedic touch and I don’t think anyone in Hollywood currently fits that bill.

    • Thank goodness, I hope they change to another project something new. I don’t want to put anyone out of work I would just like to see them be creative. The only remakes I liked was The Thomas Crowne Affair and The Time Machine.

  2. This series is one of my long, long time favorites. I’ve watched it so many times and never tire. The chemistry is awesome with all the characters, bad and good guys. Will never watch a remake, never will be another Nick and Norm or Asta.

  3. I adore the Thin Man films. Powell and Loy are magnificant. I loathe these remakes and find most of them an insult to the original. I’ve always maintained that humor can be adult and open-minded without stooping to foul language and vulgar innuendos, which is what most remakes contain. I suppose it is the dumbing down effect.

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