Bonding Through Bethenny


To be honest my Mom has never heard of Bethenny Frankel. She does not watch reality tv and will not, ever. She knows what Real Housewives of New York is but has never seen it. But my Mom does like talk shows especially when children are the topic and there is a lot of fun involved.

I have been watching Bethenny’s talk show and my Mom just started to watch it with me so we would be together. Bethenny as you know speaks really fast and that was a bit of hump for my Mom to get over. But slowly she started to get it and we have been enjoying the show together.

Today’s show was something my Mom really liked. It was so funny and a bit out of control with the audience. She found it amusing but the part that touched her was when the guest, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Gabby Douglas came on the show to help three young girls who love gymnastics with the new tablet so they could watch it anytime they wanted to. Then to top if off Bethenny ended up paying for a year of classes for the three young girls.

My Mom who loves kids teared up and said that this is the best show Bethenny has done yet.

Thank you Bethenny,


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