There Was Only One Cary Grant!


As I watch movies today I keep hearing that this person or that person is the modern version of a classic actor. I really don’t see it. The latest is that George Clooney is the modern Cary Grant. I like George Clooney he is handsome and urbane. He is very talented and I love his movies but he is no Cary Grant. I think he would agree with me because he does know classic movies.

Cary Grant was one of kind. He was talented, handsome and had created a whole persona called Cary Grant. His real name was Archibald Leach a Cockney from London.  Cary created Cary Grant and had merged himself so much with that persona that he became more Cary then Archie.

Cary could be serious like in Hitchcock’s Suspicion or super funny like he was in a film like Walk Don’t Run or Brining Up Baby. There is no one who can react like Cary could. One of the funniest scenes in Arsenic and Old Lace is when discovers a dead body in a window seat.

When he was older he did a wonderful couple of movies which really showed his down to earth side, one was Father Goose. He was unshaven, he wore casual clothes and a battered old hat. He was soooo funny! It was not a hit at the time but as more of his fans watched it on TV, more people just fell in love with this comedy with a touch of drama. I’m one of them, Love it!

The other movie was Walk Don’t Run. He was very polished but very down to earth. He was a married older man in it who does not get the girl but helps a younger man get the girl. He is very interfering and nosey. He is also very lovable, you just can’t help it. You have to see the scene in the morning with the milk and the little kids to see what I mean. That is as much of a spoiler as I will give you.

Cary was one of a kind, see his movies and you will see a complete original!


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