My Vacation at The Xena Convention


(I would like to thank Steven Sears, Hudson Leick and Creation Entertainment for the pictures for this blog.)

It had been a very long time since I had last gone to a Xena Convention. I have a lot friends from the Xenaverse. For my birthday which would be a week after the convention my Mom and Brother decided to make the Xena Convention into a family vacation which would include my kitty Xena, The Warrior Kitty.

Xena in hotelSo we all packed up and drove to the convention in the pouring rain. We arrived early and so we all had to wait the lobby for our room. Xena sat in her carrier watching all the people in lobby. She had never seen so many people in her whole furry life. I think she handled it all very well. Better then us, we were suppose to meet someone for dinner but we got to our room so late we missed the dinner.  We were not at all happy about that.

We got into the room. Xena explored and I checked my phone to see where my friends were. They were in the bar in the hotel restaurant. So after dinner and my family was all settled I went down stairs to meet my friends.

1377337_721534367881201_1509348955_nThe first person I ran into was Steven Sears. I gave him a hug and said I couldn’t wait to meet him and his warrior puppy Julian.

So I went into the bar and I met with a lot of my friends. I was so happy to see them all. Some I knew others I have only known on-line. It was cool to see every one.

Hudson in Yoga videoThe next morning I went to my Yoga Class with the wonderful Hudson Leick. It was a wonderful class. She combined several forms of Yoga. As always she challenged me in my practice of Yoga.

At the end of the class we did a wonderful Sanskrit Chant. It was very uplifting. I felt wonderful.

Then I went to our rooms and all hell broke loose. So all my gentle yoga disappeared. Oh well, but I think Marriott needs to train its staff that if it sees a private sign not to come in. Just saying.

Mom and Dave went out for their day and I went down to start my Convention day.

1797515_10153842033565183_1284652208_nI met up with Steven, Julian and their friend Chip Chalmers. I had interviewed Chip for my show so I really happy to meet him in person. We had a great time catching up and playing with the warrior puppy.

I have to say I am in love with the Warrior Puppy. Julian is a friendly sweet pup who is in love with his Daddy.  It is so cute to see those big brown eyes following Steven where ever he goes.

Steven was great on stage, he said he was going to reenact a scene that had never been seen but he really did was arranged for a surprise marriage proposal. Yes, really a marriage proposal.

Let me tell you the show was a catalyst to so much for its fans. People met and became lifelong friends. People fell in love and got married. Children grew watching it and brought their kids and charities funds grew fat from the Xena Fans generosity.

The next exciting event was to Hudson on stage. She is a very different person on stage then in her Yoga class. She is all peace and love. Very sweet and centered in class.

1625538_609037572502081_937563121_nShe is a wild child on stage. She is up for everything. She is so much fun. It is worth the ticket on Friday just see Hudson do her thing.

If you say something interesting her eyes light up and she does, love her dearly. She’s amazing!

I had time to meet up with many of my friends. We went out to lunch, hung out in the lobby. It is always fun to meet up with other Xenites. They are funny, smart, crazy and always entertaining.


Then it was the big day. My kitty Xena and my Mom stayed in the room relaxing as my brother and I went down to see the headliners. First Renee O’Connor and then Lucy Lawless.

I really can’t explain the excitement these two talented actress bring to the show. I guess the closest I could get would be a rock concert. Wild applause, standing ovations and wonderful stories. The best part is they answer our questions and interact with the fans. It is a mutual love affair. They have been coming to these conventions for almost 20 years. They love us as much as we love them. It is a mutual  love fest.

Renee talking about her documentary, Lucy talking about her new projects are just a small part of it. It is entertaining to listen to these talented people talk about their work, their lives and family. Of course Lucy breaking out into song helps the raise up the endearment factor by leaps and bounds.

Let me tell you how the evening ended. I had my picture taken with the wonderful, sweet, and friendly Lucy Lawless. Renee O’Connor signed an old pic that we had together. And then we all hung out while we waited for our pictures to be developed,

So while we waited all these friends just chatted and hung out. It is a lovely way to spend a weekend. So it was more then a show, it was a friendship maker. It made a great vacation. Thank you to my family for a wonderful birthday present.

lucy and I


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