The loss of Magic; The MGM Backlot



As anyone who has read my blogs know, I am a classic movie lover.  And there is nothing more classic then the great MGM Studios and its wondrous movies.  Some are timeless, some are of its time, but they are all important to movie lovers like me.  They are a part of a film legend.

I watched a movie on TCM about the fall of MGM, it has been shown a three times but for some reason it really hit me today, Hollywood, The Dream Factory was about the end of an era and what really hit me is how the back lot fell apart.  I mean, I have been to back lots at Universal and Warner Brothers (I worked there.)  They are still maintained and look wonderful, why did it just crumble?  I guess they knew they were going to sell it and they just didn’t have the funds to pay for the maintenance.  But it is like looking at someone who was very beautiful that has become a derelict.  Just so very tragic and sad.

The other thing that struck me is how the props and sets went for such low prices.  Even considering the change in the economy, it is striking that something that sold for thousands dollars, now sells for millions of dollars.  Shocking really.

Its like watching all the classic homes in Beverly Hills disappearing for the monstrosities they are building, so heartbreaking.






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