A Weird Oscars

I don’t about you, but this year’s Oscars seemed weird to me. First I want to congratulate all the winners who I really like and respect, especially the actors;  Sam Rockwell, Frances McDormand, Allison Janney and Gary Oldman.

And there is an excellent reason it felt off, I lost my Mom and it is the first time I watched it with out my beloved Mom.  It was always traditional that we would watch it together, even when we were in different parts of the country we would be on the phone with each other discussing it.  I really miss her. As much as I miss her and that connection, that was not what was off. It was something else.

Usually there is a wave or sometimes two separate waves of wins that tells you who is the hot movie (or hot movies) that year. It starts with the technical awards, one or two show catch all the awards in those categories and you see that it the beginning of the wave. Then the supporting cast and writers win for a certain movie and by the end it is very clear who is the head of the pack when its time for the top award to come up, you know who is most likely to take the top prize.

In fact, last year there were two waves and they crashed into each other (confusing for those on stage, but I am sad to say, it really amused us,) and the wrong film was called out as the winner.  (I felt sorry for Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.)  This year they allowed Warren and Faye to redeem themselves and give out the big award to the right movie.

It seemed to me, that it was a really stiff show this year, not just because of all the scandals but in every way you can think of it was uncomfortable to watch them this year. They were all trying so very hard to be honorable and respectable they kind of lost a bit of the fun for me. I much rather they be human than perfect.  There were cute exceptions Frances McDormand, she was just adorable and I love what she said.  I was a bit amused that there was top search for Inclusion Writer instead of Rider on Google. And Gary Oldman talking about his kids and wife not naming every producer and agent he ever worked with, he was lovely.

It was great as always to see wonderful classic actors like Rita Moreno and Eva Marie Saint who both looked beautiful and were charming.  It was exciting to see James Ivory finally win for writing at his age.  I grew up watching the wonderful  Merchant/Ivory movies. And I kind of hoped that the magnificent Christopher Plummer would have won,but it was lovely to see him, he’s so talented.

I was really disappointed in the, In Memoriam  they left so many people out. At least this year they didn’t move so far away from the screen that you could hardly see some of the people they were saluting like they did last year.  They left out at 10 wonderful creative artist that I could think of and my friends thought of more that they left out.  I forgive them for not having David Ogden Stiers because he just passed but why forget people like Adam West?  Sad for fans who love them.

Also I guess I was expecting it be like the 70’s with protests, streakers and people sending someone else to accept their award.  (I was young but I remember it very well, especially Marlon Brando sending that lovely Indian Woman up, I had no idea what she was talking about I was about 11 years old but I thought she was beautiful.) I was disappointed that there was nothing original or really interesting.  Even the clothes were disappointing. So very sad.


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