Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries invades the US!!!

Every Cloud’s Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox are the creators of the original smash hit; “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” and they debut its spin-off here in the U.S. today on Acorn TV Original series! “Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries” set in the swinging 1960s, with Peregrine Fisher who is Phryne’s niece, (They figured a very clever way for that to be, Phryne’s randy and rascally father Baron Henry Fisher, who gave his name to his daughter but hid the poor girl from his wife and Phryne, only telling Phryne on his deathbed.  It fits his character perfectly, if you watched that arc in season 3 of Miss Fisher you are just shaking your head at the old man.) Peregrine inherits Phryne’s estate after she disappears and is presumed dead. Like one of the character’s in the pilot, Samuel says, “if anyone can survive a plane crash in the jungle, it’s Phryne Fisher,” so I don’t believe for a moment she is dead, in fact I think Jack and friends are still looking for her or have found her.  This is just my take on it, I may be one hundred percent wrong, but it is my own personal head cannon.

Geraldine Hakewill (Wanted) as Peregrine Fisher (really funny and yet vulnerable), is intrepid, determined and quite adorable. Joel Jackson (Deadline Gallipoli) as Detective James Steed (who is a super cutie,) is a solid square, who goes by the book, at the same time from his first reaction to Peregrine, he is attracted and intrigued by her but he keeps her at arm’s length to maintain both his professionalism and composure.

I love the setting, the swinging 60’s  I grew up loving and watching re-runs set in that time period, (I was toddler at the time it was set, so it is not from memory.) To me it is part, Girl From Uncle, The Avengers, It Takes a Thief and That Girl (the clothes and her hair style reminds me very much of Ann Marie’s wardrobe.) It has the purer sweeter rock music of the era, it has the great cars, when cars were truly stylish.  (I like it as much as I do the settings they had created for Miss Fisher with the great 1920’s sets.)

Each Mystery is set in a different world and we get a peek at how that world was in that time period.  The mysteries were all good, I have not mentioned that there is a second relationship to look out for between Louisa Mignone as Violetta Fellini, (she played Concetta Fabrizi in the original series, a wonderful old friend for Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. It is so much fun to see her in this much more complex and interesting character.)  and Toby Truslove as Samuel Birnside which is utterly sweet and adorable.

This show is stylish and definitely worth watching if your fan of Miss Fisher, mysteries or the 60’s.


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