We would like to see more of Mr. Nathan Page, Please!

tumblr_nqk6616CuO1u8f3rro1_12801ccbbbdea36e91c86d25630e497e7b6bHere in the states we are coming to the end of the delightful series Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries.  And we all enjoy Essie Davis and Nathan Pages and their wonderful talent in bringing the characters to life.  But there is something I have noticed since I have become a fan.

Nathan Page is such a talented and diverse actor and he has done a lot of work that we really don’t get to see it in the states.  There are a lot of Nathan Page fans here in the US thanks to MFMM and we would love to see his other work.  I have to confess I have been able to see some of the shows through Itunes and YouTube but it is a mystery to me why they don’t show more Australian Shows here inHenry Stokes the US.

Nathan Page is in two shows that are excellent but we don’t get to see them here; one is Underbelly: Squizzy; it is about the life and career of notorious Melbourne gangster, Squizzy Taylor, and is set between 1915 and 1927.   Nathan plays the delectable bad guy; Henry Stokes. Henry is a club owner, smuggler and a bad guy yet he is really funny and adores his wife.  It is a very well written and acted series so why is it not shown here?  Why? 

Nathan is also in the really well done drama Hiding, where he plays the brother-in-law and bad guy, Kosta “Koz” Krilich.  It follows a family in the witness protection program who must build a HIDING.Nathan-Page.Playmakernew life in a strange city, Sydney. Koz is a very complex villain who loves his family but is caught up in some really bad stuff.  He has to deal with his sister and best friend who know what he did.  Nathan gives a wonderful performance but they are not showing here in the states.

Come on powers that be, give us some more viewing pleasure of this talented and diverse actor!





Memories of The Golden Girls!

0screen grab of me from Golden Girls



It is hard to believe that it has been over 30 years since The Golden Girls came on the air.  As you can see from the above pictures I was in an episode of the classic series, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

I was in college and I was using the money for classes, as well as my job as travel agent, to make it through CSUN and later UCLA.  I found out about the audition for the part of a homeless mother at an acting class I was taking.

I went down, auditioned and got the part.  I was so excited, I would work on the show for four whole days, not the one or two day jobs I was used to.  And I would get to work with four of the best actors in the business.  At least that was what I had hoped, though they were lovely, I never got a chance to talk to either Bea Arthur or Estelle Getty.

But I did have some special moments with the wonderful and very kind Betty White and the funny and affectionate Rue McClanahan!  They were both so wonderful.  Betty was sitting on a bed across the way from me to do her scene on, and during dress rehearsal we had to stop several time for tech reasons, lighting and such.  We had to stay in the area but we were allowed to stretch our legs for five minutes. So during one of those breaks I approached her and told her how much her work meant to me both as an actress and as an animal rights activist.  It was Betty and Doris Day that inspired me to start a Jr. Chapter of Actors and Other’s For Animals in my High School.  After I told her she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “Good Girl!” I could have flown home.

Rue, was so funny and I met her early in the morning, I was always early on a studio show, first of all I got a kick out of being on a lot.  I just loved the feel and atmosphere of a studio. I was getting my breakfast off the catering table,  they always put a spread out, I had a bagel and they had the most saliva making looking lox there but no cream cheese.  I was about to use the butter when Rue came over smiling at me as she made up her plate.  Then she put her hands on her hips and at the top of her voice she called out, ” Where the______ is the _______cream cheese?”  She put her hand on my arm and she said, “Are you waiting for the cream cheese, honey?” I smiled and nodded, “Yes, Miss McClanahan.” “Call me Rue, Honey.” She said with a wicked grin, then she called out, “We are both being deprived our breakfast, we need cream cheese.”  The catering girl came with three different kinds, and apologized, “I am so sorry,  a new kid did the spread, here are several kinds.”  “Thank you, (she said her name but I don’t remember it) you’re a darling.”  We each spread on a different type of cream cheese onto our bagels. She winked at me, “Always ask for what you want, Honey it is the only way to get anywhere in this world.” I smiled and said, “That’s a good lesson.”  She winked at me again then took off for her dressing room with her plate and her orange juice.  I went to the players room and sat down and ate my breakfast,  Slowly the other specialty and day players came in with their breakfasts and they never knew about my cream cheese lesson.

Working on the show was a learing experience, I learned what to do, and what not to do.  I learned about how it was to work a studio show from the beginning and how it hard it is to do it over and over, worse than a play because you don’t have as much rehearsal.  On show day,  we were there till 1am, but you know what?  Everyone was in good humor,  worked well together and we had one hell of a good time!

Check out the clip of the show I was in;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPsuHuRdcLw

A wild short romantic season full of mystery on Miss Fisher!

CH0_0gHVEAEIk-z tumblr_nqk6616CuO1u8f3rro1_1280

It was a wild short romantic season full of mystery on Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries.  I really needed to write this blog in love and appreciation to this wonderful show.  As I told you all in my last blog I love this show.  Even though this season was very short because of money considerations it is jam-packed full of everything we love it for.   I am a happy member of the fandom,  yes, I admit I am that caught up in the fun of the show.

First we love, love, love the star Essie Davis.  She is an amazing actress who has captured the freedom loving, carefree detective perfectly.  She also shows love, loyalty and warmth just through those beautiful blue eyes without saying one word.

We also love, love, love the delectable Nathan Page, he is not only handsome and sexy,  but he is also an amazing actor who conveys so much with an expression of his face or a gesture of his hands.  

On Tumblr and Facebook he has a great following who just wants Jack to be able to kiss Phryne and not to distract her from a dangerous criminal as he did in the first season. I won’t give spoilers here.  But I will say it is a very interesting season for Jack and Phryne.

It is also a very interesting season for Hugh and Dot, played by the talented, Hugo Johnstone-Burt and Ashleigh Cummings love does not go smoothly but they are so cute you can’t help but root for them.  And just watching Dot grow up into an accomplished brave and beautiful young woman thanks to Phryne’s gentle guidance is wonderful for the audience to see.


 I want to say so much and explain so much but everything I want to say will give away plot line or some surprise in the show I may have already done it accidentally and I am trying to be good.


The season just ended in Australia and it is on its way to the rest of the world.  Definitely worth checking out if you love  Mystery, Costumes, Romance and a whole lot of fun!!!!!!




The Wonderful Phryne Fisher!

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I love a good murder mystery.  I love fashion.  I love the era of the ’20’s.  I love a strong, smart kick ass woman. I love a kind, smart, no-nonsense cop.  I adore a sweet romance with two innocents.  I really love a sizzling burn that will hopefully turn into a romance,

And that is why I fell in love with Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries on PBS. The books are by Australian author Kerry Greenwood. I intend to buy one but Barnes and Noble who keeps touting them on PBS have none in stock. Odd, huh?

With wit, humor and intelligence this mystery series really has captivated me.  Miss Phryne Fisher is a rich beautiful and highly intelligent socialite with more skills than James Bond. She speaks several languages including Mandarin and Russian, She flies planes, cracks safes, knows Judo, how to shoot, and can do a rather good fan dance.


Phryne was raised as a poor as a church mouse but after the war gained wealth through a quirk of fate.  Her father became a Lord through the deaths of others, it was as the result from the horror that was the Great War (WWI.)

So after Finishing School and unable to really stand her brutish father she came home to Australia from England.  And she quickly fell into a murder. After working with the stoic but wonderful DI Jack Robinson, saving Dorothy, a maid from being a convicted of a crime she did not commit and hiring her as her companion which included such difficult tasks for the innocent young woman as using the new fangled invention the telephone.

As well as the fun of a great mystery and great acting the wardrobe is to drool over.  She wears these amazing costumes of ’20’s like a second skin. The clothes are stunning.


But for a romantic like me there is also romance galore.  Dorothy (Dot) played by Ashleigh Cummings and Constable Hugh Collins  played by Hugo Johnstone-Burt, started out with Hugh arresting her and slowly but sweetly they fall for each other.




Phryne and Jack are also a romance but of the kind that will seem familiar for people who watched such shows as Remington Steele and Moonlighting.  Slow and electric and quite delicious.


The wonderful Phryne is played by the talented award-winning actress Essie Davis.  And the intrepid inspector is played dynamic Nathan Page.  I have only seen Essie Davis in one part, (Girl With A Pearl Earring.)  I have never seen Nathan Page before but he is extremely good at balancing his part with sharp wit and a great sense of dry humor (which I love.)

She is a very modern woman not only does she work as detective but she has a string of lovers and loves adventure and trouble.

With all that, the part that is truly touching is that she brings together a family of sorts, which also includes; her butler called Mr. Butler,  her Aunt Prudence, her best friend Dr Elizabeth “Mac” Macmillan and her ward Jane.  I very highly recommend it!


Here is the cast list from Wikipedia;

  • Detective Inspector John “Jack” Robinson (Nathan Page), a detective who works reluctantly with Miss Fisher.
  • Dorothy “Dot” Williams (Ashleigh Cummings), is Miss Fisher’s companion (i.e. one employed to live with and serve another). Dot is a devout Catholic.
  • Constable Hugh Collins (Hugo Johnstone-Burt), is Inspector Robinson’s right-hand-man, and Dot’s beau.
  • Mr Butler (Richard Bligh), is Miss Fisher’s loyal butler, an excellent household manager who provides good advice when needed.
  • Bert and Cec (Travis McMahon and Anthony Sharpe), are two working-class friends and devout communists, who often assist Miss Fisher’s investigations.
  • Dr Elizabeth “Mac” Macmillan (Tammy MacIntosh), is Miss Fisher’s close friend and doctor at a women’s hospital in Melbourne.
  • Jane Ross (Ruby Rees-Wemyss), is Miss Fisher’s ward, who shares the same name with Phryne’s deceased sister.
  • Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes), is Miss Fisher’s aunt and a reputation-conscious society matron.

A Sweet Goodbye To One Of My Favorite Actors




Rod Taylor has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  From have watched and loved him. He was very talented and played every part with a deep commitment and true talent.

The first movie I think I can remember seeing him was The Time Machine.  A classic that I loved before I even knew what time travel or science fiction was.  Before I had read an H. G. Wells novel, I was in love George the time traveler.  He did something that just endeared me it was the sweet twinkle in his eye as he watched the mannequin change clothes and he went through the different time periods.  He was also so real in the midst of all the special effects and of course the romantic I am a mush so I loved the love story.

Of course I saw 101 Dalmatians but I didn’t it was him. So now that I do I may go back and watch it again just see if i can catch a phrasing that is pure Rod Taylor.

I loved him in Do Not Disturb  with Doris Day as the over worked and confused husband oblivious that his assistant had the hots for him.  In Sunday In New York as the adorable stranger who becomes both the hero and love Jane Fonda’s life, while being very, very funny.

I adored him in The Vips as the Aussie living in the UK with a great company who is fighting hard to keep it.  I had no idea he was an Aussie but I thought he was adorable and his relationship with his secretary, best friend and future love is one of my favorite parts of the movie.  I thought that he and Maggie Smith were just the cutest couple, I mean even a miserable Richard Burton could see she was in love Rod Taylor.

In Hotel as the manager he gets to show all the different sides.  He really plays the rock of the place who cares for the owner and employees and is trying his best to protect them all.  The scenes with Robert Webber as the Corp. Raider just made me sad because is that what really happened to all the beautiful hotels.

I recently saw The Catered Affair and though he had a tiny part I just thought he was adorable as the overwhelmed fiancee of Debbie Reynolds.

I also saw him in his TV guest shots, My favorites were in Murder She Wrote when he was older.  He still had it even though he was obviously not the sexy leading man anymore he was a sweet and caring friend and lover.

In other words I love Rod Taylor and I will miss him.  RIP Rod Taylor.



Love A Good Neil Simon Play

come blow your horn

Come Blow Your Horn is Neil Simon’s first play about when he finally left home and moved in with his older brother.  The play is very different from the movie.  I am not knocking the movie.  I really loved it.

I mean how can you go wrong with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bill,   Lee J. Cobb and Molly Picon.  It is a fun movie, a bit of a romp. I saw the movie before I saw the play.  My Grandma met Molly Picon, she was from the Yiddish Theater and my Grandmother and her family used to supply fabric for the costumes for the Yiddish Theater.  She had met Molly and her mother when they came in to buy material and my Grandma used to tell us great stories about it.  So i have soft spot for this wonderful and funny lady.

The movie also had Jill St James and Barbara Rush who I also admire, in fact there really isn’t anyone in the cast that I didn’t admire.  I also think that Norman Lear who wrote the screenplay is an amazing writer and producer, ( I grew up watching all his TV Shows and they were all the type of shows that pushed boundaries and taught while they made you laugh,)  but he is a different man with a different life from Neil Simon and he gave the movie his own take and it was very different then Neil Simon’s vision.

I saw the play in the 80’s and I was surprised by how different it is. It is a sweet charming and very Jewish Play.  It was what they did to his first baby that convinced Neil Simon that only one person could make his plays into screenplays from then on is Neil Simon.  So from then  on he always wrote the screenplays when his plays left the foot lights and went on to the big screens.

Come Blow Your Horn is all about growing up and finding your path to adulthood.  I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that it led one of the best playwrights of our time to grow as an artist.  Actually I kind of love the idea of that, don’t you?



Au Revoir, My Dear Hercule



I bid a sad adieu to a one of kind TV character that I have watched half of my life and that I have read since I was a child. I am not prejudiced, I have loved all the portrayals of that brilliant Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. But on Sunday they finally showed Curtain to the American public and I saw the final performance of David Suchet the amazingly talented actor who played the one of a kind detective; Hercule Poirot.

Agatha Christie, the most famous mystery writer and most popular of all time created the petite finicky brilliant sleuth in the 1920’s when she saw a group of refugees from Belgium walking through her village.  She saw one man who was the inspiration of a lifetime. From the small round frame, the egg-shaped head that tilted to one side and a huge mustache.

Though the character could be played as a figure of fun it is not in this series.  He has a great sense of humor and can be very witty but he is portrayed as a bright, funny, kind, compassionate, perceptive man.  He has his faults too, he can be a bit arrogant and egotistical.  He is very particular, he wants everything straight and just so. He straightens pictures and books and objects of art.  He can’t have his eggs if they are not exactly the same size and he always puts a handkerchief down if he sits on a bench outside.

He is dapper and dressed with smartness and care.  Though he is a bit old-fashioned he is not judgmental.  He is a full-fledged person though he is a character he is not at all two-dimensional thanks to Agatha Christie’s, brilliant mind. Her pen never allows him to be a figure of fun but he can be amusing and very lovable.

David Suchet  who has played him for 25 years and brought him to another level. ( I still love Peter Ustinov’s and Albert Finney’s portrayals and will watch it every time they are on) His portrayal is always right on the mark.  The man becomes the Belgian sleuth.  From his walk to his accent to the way he builds of castle of cards.  I will miss him.